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Here's what went down at our Open Meeting

A HUGE thanks to everyone that was in attendance at our meeting this past Friday. It was such a blessing to be together!

For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a recap. (If you want ALL. THE. DETAILS. I'll post a transcript of the meeting, as well as a copy of our presentation below.)

After a fun introduction of Grace Homeschool Family's founding families, our presentation began with an overview of our foundational values, all stemming from a foundation in the Person of Grace, Jesus:

  • Biblical Community

  • Fun, Social, & Academic

  • Parent-led Transparent Leadership

  • Relational

Then we introduced Community Lunch, our hot lunch-for-purchase program designed to foster relationships during a corporate lunch hour. You're not required to purchase lunch to participate because you can always bring your nut free, fish free sack lunch from home. But honestly, how nice will it be to come to co-op and NOT have to think about feeding those hungry children?

Next we discussed our options for our Friday schedule. Because our co-op is brand new, we can build it from the ground up based upon the desires of our first families. Exciting! A vote on the schedule is going to be sent to our members, to be finalized by June 21st. Popular opinion wins.

We concluded with a rousing Q & A from our audience members. To see what we discussed, view the posted transcript.

Overwhelmingly, we heard how encouraged, uplifted, and excited you are by the vision set forth. We thank God for you, and continue to pray blessings over you and your children.


Transcript - Open Meeting 6_5
Download PDF • 114KB

Open Meeting Presentation 6_5_20
Download PDF • 345KB

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