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Due to capacity, membership applications are currently not being accepted.


Fill out our membership application form to tell us about you and your children.  You will make your password at this time, so be sure to save that info.  You'll also agree that you understand that we are all about Jesus & parental participation. 

Await Approval

Once approved, you'll receive an email and invoice from us. Our annual membership fee is $60. 

Membership entitles you to:

  • Enrollment in our Friday workshops

  • Access to "all member" events

  • Our age appropriate social clubs

  • Attendance at our leadership gatherings

  • Access to our social media sites

Additional fees:

You will incur fees in addtion to your annual membership fee.  Additional costs include each workshop, set by the parent leader, ranging from free to $100,  but typically at the $10 - $25 range.

Our events usually have a nominal charge, typically no more than $10 per family.

Social clubs try to host at least a couple free events per year, but we also love to go to the trampoline parks, paint pottery, host formal dances, etc.  Those costs will be listed at time of registration.

Pay, Log in & Enroll

Pay your invoice, log into our website and enroll in our workshops (if it is your time to enroll; see below), events, and field trips.  You'll also enroll a parent in their area of service.  Parents who have children enrolled in workshops are required to serve two hours on Friday.  Don't worry, though!  There will still be plenty of time for you to engage with other homeschool parents while on site.


Enrollment in workshops is prioritized for our leaders.  Leaders get to enroll their kids first, then the general membership.  After you hang out with us for one semester of workshops, you are eligible to lead the workshop of your choice and get priority enrollment for your family. 

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